How often should a man get his hair cut?

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There are so many men’s hairstyles these days that the answer to how long you should leave it between each haircut really depends on the length of your hair and the desired style. 

We've put together a useful guide so you understand better how often you should visit your barber. 

With men’s short haircuts, such as the traditional short back and sides, we’d suggest that in order to maintain it you would need a haircut every 3-4 weeks.

A buzz cut, skin fade or a crew cut, on the other hand, which tend to be even shorter, may need more regular maintenance and a visit to your barbers may be required roughly every 2-3 weeks. 

But again, it’s not an exact science and it also depends a lot on how fast your hair grows. 

So, how fast does men’s hair grow?

Human hair grows roughly half a millimetre per day, and there is not a lot you can do to speed up the process beyond keeping an (always recommended) healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise and a balanced diet. But neither of these will have a huge impact. Genetics is by far the determining factor in hair growth speed. 

What about medium length hair for men?

For maintaining a medium length men’s haircut we’d recommend visiting your barber for a haircut every 4-6 weeks. The important reason for getting your haircut regularly — even when you have longer hair — is to maintain a nice shape. Finer details of a professional haircut, such as keeping the edges tidy, keeping scruffy neck hair at bay, and blending a beard into the sides, shouldn’t be overlooked. 

But what if you want to grow your hair long?

Even when you want to grow your hair long regular haircuts should be considered. 
While your hair will grow naturally and cutting it might seem counterintuitive at this stage, gradually working toward your desired hairstyle is the best way to achieve the end result. In the early stages, your barber can start to create a shape that will help your hair grow out nicely, so you look presentable during the process of growing it out.

Once you’ve decided on the hairstyle you want to work towards, it’s always best to seek expert advice from your barber. This is where you’ll need to be frank with your barber about what you want.

What to tell your barber if you’re growing your hair 

After a short consultation with your barber, they will understand your hair texture and know what to expect as your hair grows out. We’d always advise that you take a photo to show your barber what you’re trying to achieve. They will then be able to advise on how often you should get it cut during the process, the best products to use throughout the process, and make suggestions and tweaks to ensure you feel great rather than unkempt as your hair grows. 

We wrote a handy guide to help you improve your communication with your barber, key to getting a good haircut every time. 

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