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If you want a great haircut every time you visit your barber, there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure that's what happens. Now, men are not reputed to be great multi-taskers, and sometimes, sitting in a chair and explaining exactly what they want can be a big ask — sorry to say. 

Many clients can be put off or intimidated by the myriad technical terms they’re not familiar with, so here are some handy tips so you can arrive at your barber's, armed with enough confidence to make sure you walk out feeling positively fresh.   

One of the main points is learning to properly communicate with your barber — it is the silver bullet to getting a great haircut, every time. 

Be direct to your barber about what you want

Avoid using vague terms. Tell your barber precisely what you want. Every barber will appreciate a direct approach. Not enough clients say exactly what they want and instead beat around the bush. You get — more or less — one opportunity before those scissors start chopping away. Remember that. 

Tell your barber when you had your haircut last

An easy way to discuss the length you want — and so you don’t walk out like a convict — is to tell your barber when you last had your haircut. This will give a clear indication to your barber of the type of length you’re used to. Obviously, you may a different length to last time, but it will give your barber a detail that must always be discussed. 
They can also get an idea of how fast your hair grows. 

Tell your barber what you do for work

If you work in a creative industry your scope for hairstyles will be considerably broader than if you work in a government office. There should never be that much confusion, but it is another key indicator as to the kinds of styles that will be suitable for you. 

Show your barber pictorial examples

Showing your barber a photo of how you want your hair is simply great communication. Obviously, you will need to make sure that the hairstyle in the picture is suitable for your hair type, and while you may not know much about hair textures, your barber will — and they will advise accordingly and ultimately know what sort of look you are after.

Learn roughly what the grades mean

This might sound simple, but a surprising amount of clients visit their barber and ask for a grade that they end up finding is shorter than they expected. It is fair to say that grade 3 wouldn't cause a furore in an office environment, but a grade 1 potentially could.

Ask your barber for product advice

The finishing product you choose and use will make all the difference to the way your hair looks and your ability to manage it properly. Most professional barbers will have a wide range of product knowledge — always utilise that knowledge while you have their attention for 30 minutes during your haircut. You won’t regret it.
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