How to style your hair at home

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Over the past few years the number of men’s hair and grooming products has exponentially grown, so education on how to best use them and how to go about styling men’s hair at home is needed more than ever.

We want to bridge the gap between the experience of having your hair styled by a professional barber, which should always look great, and that moment when you’re at home, stand in front of the mirror and don’t really know how to do it yourself.
Firstly, every time you visit your barber they should give you some tips on what products suit your hair texture, suit your hairstyle, according to the kind of finish you want. Nothing beats face-to-face advice and practical guidance by an expert.
So here are a few tips on men’s hair products and how best to use them.

Choosing the right hair product

One of the first things to consider is the look you want to achieve. Secondly, and we’d always advise a chat with your barbers about this, is bearing in mind the texture of your hair. If your hair is extremely thick, for example, you might want a stronger product to help keep the style. If you have thin hair, on the other hand, you might want a light product so it doesn’t weigh down the style. 

Don’t apply too much

A common mistake when men style their hair at home, is applying too much. Assuming that you’re using a professional product, which we’d always recommend, you shouldn’t need to use more than the size of a 20 pence piece. Over applying any finishing product is liable to make your hair look either greasy or like clunky.

Don’t over-wash your hair

Unless you have extremely thin hair - which is prone to get greasier faster - you should avoid washing every day, as this will wash out natural oils that can be of benefit to the condition of your hair and scalp. With thick, coarse hair in particular, limiting the number of washes per week to three would not be a bad idea. It could help in your quest to get the barber-finish style you want.

Use Moroccanoil after you wash or with your styling product

Moroccanoil is one of our best-selling products and for good reason. Using a small dash of Moroccanoil after you wash your hair or before you style, or even, mixed together with your styling product. The oil, which is derived from the argan nut is rich and nutritious and has been used for centuries by native Moroccans. Using a dash, about the size of a five pence piece after you wash your hair, will leave your hair non-greasy and with a healthy shine. Mixed together with your styling product, particularly with a strong paste or putty, will help to give a softer, healthier finish.

How to apply men’s hair products

Crucial to a good application is making sure that you distribute a product evenly in your hands. If you don’t, you may create something of a Four Weddings and a Funeral look, leaving a clump of product in one area of your hair. Once you have the product evenly distributed, lightly - and we mean lightly - rub through your hair using both hands and begin to shape it into the desired style.


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