Manchester barbers visited by superstar Virat Kohli: “do you like cricket?” barber asks

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Superstar cricketer Virat Kohli paid a visit to Manchester’s Everyman Barbers as he sharpened up with a haircut amid World Cup 2019.

The likeable and hugely popular India captain - who has even been likened to a ‘modern day Jesus’ - had a short back and sides blended into his well-groomed beard at the central Manchester store.

Unaware of the superstar in her chair, barber Jade Mather noticed that her client was paying close attention to the rolling cricket on the high definition television screens in the Manchester barbers.

“Do you like cricket?” she asked the 30-year-old India captain, to which he replied: “Yes, I play a little bit.”

As the haircut progressed, however, his stardom started to become apparent.

“He was a lovely bloke,” says Mather. “You’d never have known he was so famous - we’re talking 37 million Instagram followers famous.”

As well as being a talented cricketer, humility and great sportsmanship are part of what makes Kohli the huge star that he is today.

Everyman Barbers’ Manchester manager, Harry Nichola, was also thrilled by the impromptu visit.

“We’re super proud to have welcomed such an influential sportsman to our Manchester barbershop,” he says.

“We hope that he enjoyed the Everyman experience as much as we enjoyed having him in - it’s a massive sign that we’re doing the right things,” he adds.

According to Kohli, he will return to the Manchester barbers in early July when he’s due another cut.


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