All about beards: different types and how best to manage yours

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Beards have become so popular over the last decade or so that a whole industry - if we can call it that - has sprung up to support them, groom them, oil them, trim them, meme them and shave them.

There have been scores of articles published, predicting ‘peak beard’ and asking ‘will the beard boom ever end?’ - and the fact that we, as one of the UK’s leading barbers, can tell you, beard boom is still indeed a boom.

So, it goes without saying now, that lots of men these days sport a beard. However, surprisingly few know how best to manage one, which is perfectly understandable, if only because, not all beards are the same. Just like hairstyles, there are different lengths, different textures, and multiple styles and trends and products and grooming methods.

Indeed, maintaining a meticulously groomed beard around a busy work-life schedule can be a challenge, so here are some tips on how to look after yours.

The stubble look - short beard

Of all the different beards styles, the stubble look is probably the most popular, and for good reason. Firstly, it doesn’t take long to grow, it’s a great way to regularly change your look, and maintaining a decent growth of stubble and it is much easier than maintaining a full-on caveman look.

It is the beard that suits the business environment, the tech scene, and the creative arts, and shaving it off at the drop of a hat doesn’t require a big pair of cajones for fear of looking like a totally different person.

Everyman Barbers’ tip: although stubble I can be easy to manage, get your barber to go over it with an even grade to eliminate and stray hairs. You can go for a slightly lower grade around the sideburns and keep it trimmed around your mouth. You can also square off the cheek areas to make it look neater. Always use a mirror.

The moustachioed maestro look - medium beard

While a longer moustache with a beard can be a great look, if you work in the corporate world, you’ll be hard-pressed to pull this off. Sporting a large moustache is generally a statement, a fashion statement, a centrepiece — call it what you will. This type of facial hair is mostly suited to those who work in creative industries, and it can require a fair bit of maintenance to keep in check.

Like most beards, keeping the neckline and edges fairly neat is important, but more crucial in making sure that the actual moustache is even, free from straggly hairs, and groomed to suit the rest of your facial hair.

Everyman Barbers’ tip: before you trim the moustache, comb it out so you can easily spot the uneven hairs and use a mirror (and your face) to trim the tips evenly. Finish the moustache off with some nice wax and condition your beard with some professional beard oil. View the beard products we stock here.

The caveman look - long beard

Growing a caveman beard doesn’t require any effort, as such, but painting one does. Few men can get away with a huge unkempt beard beyond big-time celebrity heartthrobs and cowboys, so, better to keep it in check.

A great way to manage a big beard is to make sure you give it shape: create defined edges, keep the neckline nice and clean, and rid yourself of any stray hairs that can detract from what can otherwise be the perfect fashion accessory.

Everyman Barbers’ tip: the good thing about a large beard is that it gives you an opportunity to create your own face shape. If you have a defined jawline, for instance, then you can follow your natural face shape while trimming, but if you have a weak chin or thin face, you can trim your beard to strengthen those up. Always use a mirror when trimming your beard. Do not forget to wash it regularly and use a great beard oil to keep the hair healthy and vibrant.

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