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Name Dale Burchett
Position Barber / Manager
Shop Nottingham
Favourite Food Currywurst Hot Dog
Favourite Sport


1. When did you know you wanted this as your career? 
I kind of new I always wanted to do something with hair but decided that barbering was what I really wanted to do 2 years into working as a female’s hairdresser.
2. What is your favourite part of the job?
By far, my favourite part of the job is when someone comes in who hasn’t had there hair cut in months but you can already see what it’s going to look like after; I like to make a plan for this in my head so just get stuck in you know what you/they want and you know how to get there. So I guess my favourite party of the job is getting lost in your work and being as creative as an artist on a blank canvas.
3. Any advice to anyone thinking of this as a career?
Be 100% sure it’s what you want, it takes determination, dedication and hard work to be a barber, it’s hard, stressful and itchy. You spend a lot of your time at work so you may as well enjoy it as well, I love barbering and if you do love it as well you won’t work a day again, it’s more social! Also wear at least 2 t-shirts; hairsplinters are not fun.
4. Top tip?

Listen to your barber with advice, it’s our job to know hair! No one’s head of hair is the same, you won’t have the same hair as the guy in the photo but listen to what your barber surgests to get round that, creativity is fun! It gets us excited and we put that into our haircuts. Who wants to be another face in the crowd, right?

5. Who is the most famous person you have cut?
I’m not too sure on this one? I mean I trimmed my moustache a few times, and I’m kind of a big deal? Apart from that, I would Say Ben Osbourne? He’s one of those ball kickers who plays for forest
6. What is your favourite product to use and why?
Rezuel - Grooming tonic. Hands down my favourite product, it’s durable for great hold and so diverse with what you can do with it. Promote texture into a crop, slick back for an undercut or create height for a pompadour, I’m always willing to try new things with what this product can do. Will be one I always keep for my arsenal



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