Meet The Barber - Phil

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Name Phil Ferne
Position Barber
Shop Derby
Favourite Food BBQ pizza... Extra chicken for sure!
Favourite Sport Football... Spurs fan #COYS

1. When did you know you wanted this as your career? 
Since I was 18 cutting my mates hair in the kitchen for a laugh.
2. What is your favourite part of the job?
Seeing the clients smile when you show them the final result and you know you've made them fresh!
3. Any advice to anyone thinking of this as a career?
Get into it for sure... It's a rewarding career path but always be patient with all aspects of the job... Rome wasn't built in a day... Practice and keep leaning... And you will go far.
4. Top tip? 
Listen to your client... What your client asks for is your goal use your professional opinion to make the final touches.
5. Who is the most famous person you have cut?
Up and coming singer/songwriter Laurie Illingworth. Might not be well known now but he’s going places for sure
6. What is your favourite product to use and why?
Easy... The Evo haze volumising powder with the Moroccanoil texturing clay.







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