Top places in Manchester to enjoy craft beer

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Over the past few decades, the number of traditional pubs throughout the UK has sharply declined, setting something of a worrying trend for beer-lovers nationwide.

But while the traditional pub continues to stagger off into the night, the number of craft breweries, beers and bars has rocketed in recent years — so the beer connoisseurs among us have plenty of reason to chin-chin.

A great place to enjoy a delicious, wide selection of craft beers is in the north’s cultural capital, many of which are walkable from our barber shop in Manchester.

Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.

Situated on Dale Street is Beatnikz Republic, a place for discerning craft beer lovers. What is great about this place, beyond the seriously slick can designs, is that to go with the simple-but-well-designed interior, is an array of interesting tap brews that can be enjoyed as much of the backstories to their names.

Some notable brews here are the Big Red Sur, a red IPA with a toasted malt character that was “inspired by sitting around campfires in the Red Woods of Northern California.” For the lagging drinker, a Russian Riot stout, at 9% abv, is likely to wake you up and satisfy with its combination of Muscovado sugar, cherries and bourbon oak. It is a drink “inspired by all those that fight for acceptance, freedom and choice.”

Well, there’s plenty of choices here and more the merry for it. They also have a Beer School. For more details see here

Runaway Brewery

Tucked away under a railway arch over on Dantzic Street is Runaway Brewery, a cosy hub with a wide range of tasty craft beers which are brewed in their microbrewery.

As you sit back and sip any of their unfiltered and unpasteurised brews you can feel that these brewers love their craft.

Every Saturday at 12pm, you can partake in a brewery tour where you’ll meet the brewers to find out how their beers are made. You can also book private tours.

See more here

Seven Bro7hers Brewery

When seven likeable brothers who love beer decide to open a brewery, good things can happen. No better proof of this is the hub of great beers and decent food that Seven Bro7hers Brewery offer in their Salford Quays location, where they have an on-site taphouse.

Their range of beers is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and often bustling, as it is in their separate bar, where you can also enjoy a selection of guest beers on top of the brothers’ own brews.

You can rent our their large space for events, see more here 

Manchester Brewing Co.

Friends Paul and Andy tasked themselves with making great beer, or more specifically, “to make traditionally modern beers” by following in the long tradition of UK brewing. In short, they succeeded, and have indeed created a range of fantastic beers that any beer lover should try given half the chance.


While the duo have creatively named their brews: “Cut like a buffalo”, “King Cotton” (which pays homage to Manchester’s textile heritage) and “Pick me up” — you get a strong sense while sipping on one, that their real mission, in the own words, rings true.

“Ultimately…it’s all about making a decent pint . . . cheers!”

Catch them on Western Street, or see more here

Marble Arch Inn

For beer drinkers who prefer a more traditional pub interior of the Victorian ilk; heavy furniture, chunky dark wood bars but ultimately cozy, then the Marble Arch Inn on Rochdale Road, one of two outlets run by a local brewery Marble Brewery, is in for a real treat.

Marble Brewery specialises in “innovative cask, keg, can and bottled beer, as well as revitalising historic British styles.”

Their wide range of brews are a great example of why craft beers are surging in popularity, there’s just too much to like.

See more about Marble Brewery here

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