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Everyman Barbers to launch pioneering hair loss treatment

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Local business Everyman Barbers is set to launch a hair loss treatment to give follicly challenged men a chance to get back what they’ve lost.

Using a pioneering treatment widely known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), the procedure creates a natural, lasting effect of a full but shaved head, typically known as a ‘buzz cut’.

Everyman Barbers’ director, Noel Gilronan, explains his decision to launch the hair loss treatment in a business built on chopping hair off.

“Hair loss almost always has a negative impact on men's’ confidence,” Gilronan says. “We now have the technology available to us that can give men their hair and confidence back.”

The innovative SMP hair loss treatment, a procedure which usually takes two or three sessions to complete, is used to combat general hair loss and various forms of alopecia, including scarring as a result of hair transplant surgery.

Effectively, it is a highly detailed procedure similar to a tattoo, carried out by experts who can create a convincingly natural, fuller, thicker looking head of hair and even recreate lost hairlines.

During an expert consultation, a client’s skin tone is matched to ensure a subtle, natural-looking finish. The procedure usually requires two or three sessions, which take between 15 minutes to 4 hours each.

Furthermore, the SMP procedure can be reversed in a similar way to which a tattoo is removed.

Everyman Barbers, which has eight stores throughout the UK, partnered up with HIS Hair Clinic, a world leader in SMP, to launch the service.

Male balding pattern effects around 25% of men before they reach age 21, and around 85% of men by age 50.

The physical change for men experiencing hair loss can be distressing and negatively impact their self-esteem.

“We’ve spent more than a decade working hard to build a reputation as an industry leader in men’s hair,” Gilronan says.
“Offering a hair loss treatment for men is us utilising a modern solution to solve an age-old problem for men,” he adds.

Additional information
We will host an SMP demonstration in our Leicester store on 21st May 2019

contact: steve@everymanbarbers.co.uk

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