Shave & Beard

Our highly experienced team at Everyman Barbers have extensive knowledge of the barbering trade and we have created a menu of First class services designed to ensure you receive a high quality personal service from start to finish.
You will leave our salons not just with a look best suited to you, but one that will stand the test of time leaving you looking great and feeling fresh. The services menu provides a full description of what to expect when you visit Everyman Barbers.


Your shave will start with a consultation tailored to your needs where we will explain our step by step process and discuss your home shaving experience, areas of sensitivity, directions of hair growth and density of beard/stubble. Once consulted and clarified the shave will begin.

Your face will firstly be prepared by gently massaging a pre-shave oil into the face to naturally soften the hair and skin before shaving. A hot towel treated with relaxing tea tree oil will then cover the face, the heat and steam from the towel will react with the oil maximising soft skin and hair aiding a smooth and effortless shave.

Once the hot towel is removed, Daimon Barber Shave Cream, containing honeybee complex and propolis will be lathered into a thick cream and applied generously. A fresh cutthroat razor blade in the hands of one of our highly skilled and experienced barbers will then complete the first part of your shave. This will then be followed by another steaming hot towel treatment and another shaving procedure, using another lashing of Daimon Barber Shave Cream to obtain the smoothest and closest shave possible.

To finish your signature shave experience, a thick application of Daimon Barber Face Wash with honeybee complex and propolis will then be applied and left for a few minutes to gently soothe and cleanse before removing any excess and applying an ice cold towel to completely refresh the face closing up pores and tightening the skin. Following this Daimon Barber Cooling Post - Shave Balm will be massaged into the skin reducing any redness or irritation leaving the skin feeling fresh.

Finally your barber will apply Daimon Barber Anti-Fatigue Face Cream and Daimon Barber Anti- Fatigue Eye Cream to give an ultimate facial rejuvenation, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.


The express shave is an additional treat that can be added to any haircutting service, ideal for Men with a busy schedule. Your skin will be left smooth and irritation free after a close comfortable shave.

The express shave can be upgraded to our Everyman Cut Throat Shave for an additional £12, allowing time for an extra shave – against the direction of hair growth, for a even smoother finish if you wish – and additional steps to treat the skin.


BEARD STYLING | 15 MINS - £8 - £15

This option is for Men looking to achieve an even beard and sharp look. Your beard is trimmed all over with clippers, and then if you want that extra sharpness edged out with a cut throat razor. You will be styled with a moustache wax and treated with a Beard balm or Beard Oil.


This option is for those of you with serious beards and dedicated to keeping it beautifully maintained, sculpted and in shape with a trim.

Your barber will expertly shape your facial hair using an array of cutting and styling tools. You will be styled with a moustache wax and treated with a Beard balm or Beard Oil.