SMP/Hair Replacement

All new collaboration with Everyman Barbers and HIS HAIR.

HIS Hair Clinic is the innovator and world’s leading provider of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP®) treatment – a pioneering solution for people suffering from the physical and emotional effects of many different types of hair loss.

We have spent over 10 years developing and refining the process in order to consistently produce the very best results in the industry. But please don’t just take our word for it - take a closer look at the amazing results we achieve for our clients, explore your options and take the time to form your own opinion. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully treated thousands of men, who have subsequently responded with heartfelt stories about how undergoing the SMP®
process has changed their lives.

It is my sincere pleasure to be the CEO & Co-Founder of HIS Hair Clinic. Since 2002 I have dedicated my time to specialise in male hair loss and the most effective hair loss solutions.

During my time at HIS Hair Clinic, I have developed my hair loss knowledge, dealt with my own hair loss issues and gained a wealth of relevant experience. I fully understand male hair loss and the emotional negative effects it can have on a man’s confidence and self-esteem. I’ve always believed men’s privacy and the ability to relate to each other is really important, I know some men struggling with their hair loss would prefer to speak and be consulted by a man because they feel more comfortable, are able to open up more and generally feel less embarrassed, that’s one of the reasons why I set up HIS Hair Clinic.
Having been personally affected by Alopecia and male pattern baldness (MPB) I find it very easy to relate to men who are suffering from male hair loss. For those who have met me they say my passion is clear to see, my dedication to helping male hair loss sufferers and my commitment to continuing to innovate and bring the very best hair loss solutions to all my clients is what drives me on each and every day, I will always be passionate about helping men overcome their own hair loss issues, the satisfaction from genuinely helping someone and solving their hair loss issue is priceless. 

Everyman Barbers will be doing a live demos in Everyman Leicester. If you wish to find out more and attend the demos please fill in the form below.

Leicester Demo - 21st May


From June 2019 we will be bringing HIS HAIRS SMP® treatment to selected Everyman stores*. Giving you HIS HAIRS expertise with the service and style of Everyman Barbers.

*Locations to be confirmed.