1893 Shave Cream 100ml

Apothecary 87

1893 Shave Cream 100ml

Our soft scented shave cream is designed to give you that extreme, close, comfortable shave you need, whilst keeping your skin vibrant and healthy. Your skin will feel fresh and clean and you will have the subtle scent of sandalwood and vanilla to remind you of this as you go about your daily routine.

We understand you have hectic man lives to lead, so taking the time to relax when you can is important. Sandalwood and vanilla both have relaxing and de-stressing properties. Whether you’re sitting in a barber’s chair or getting ready for work in the morning, we want you to be as chilled as possible, allowing you to concentrate on important man things.

Our fantastic formula is designed to allow your skin to feel fresh and relaxed after shaving and leave you with a clean look.

All our products are made cruelty free.