Meet the Barber - Paola

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Name Paola
Position Barber
Shop Bristol
Favourite Food BBQ
Favourite Sport
Football and Baseball


1. When did you know you wanted this as your career? 
When I was 17, my mother took me to at hairdresser and I was amazed how people could change with a good style haircut.
2. What is your favourite part of the job?
When my customers are really pleased with their new style and are really appreciative.
3. Any advice to anyone thinking of this as a career?
My personal advice would be, if you like it, do not be afraid to do it! If you enjoy your job and are passionate you'll be sure to do everything possible to do better every day.
4.Top tip? 
Never ever believe that you are the best because there will always be something to improve on and learn and you should be proud of that.
5. Who is the most famous person you have cut?
My daughter, she is the most famous to me.
6. What is your favourite product to use and why?
Evo haze styling powder linked with Evo Salty Dog for an all-round finish.





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