Meet The Barber - Sam

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Name Sam Broughton
Position Barber
Shop Leicester
Favourite Food Burrito!
Favourite Sport


1. When did you know you wanted this as your career? 
Always been interested in cutting hair. Started off with ladies hairdressing then realised I like cutting men’s hair more and took it upon myself to train up and become a full time barber.
2. What is your favourite part of the job?
I don’t have a favourite part of this job as I love every aspect of barbering.
3. Any advice to anyone thinking of this as a career?
Definitely take it up! Start off as an apprentice as you will get shop experience and not be stuck in a stuffy college room all day.
4. Top tip?
Blow dry your hair! It’s more important than you think!
5. Who is the most famous person you have cut?
Matty Elliott. Leicester city legend.
6. What is your favourite product to use and why?
My favourite product at the moment is evo haze. This is a styling powder will gives lift and texture. I prefer to use it on wet hair and dry it into shape.




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