When Is The Best Time To Get Your Haircut?

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“When your hair is long!” …Well done smart arse. Agreed, this is of course the best time to get your haircut but we aren’t talking about the length of your hair on this occasion our eagle-eyed friends. We are talking about the best times of the day and week to get a haircut. Every man is different, so we’ve taken some of the most popular groups of men and offered some advice…

The Man Who Is Short On Time

There’s nothing worse than waiting, especially when you’re in a rush. We understand this at Everyman, that’s why we introduced Everycam so you can see how busy each store is and why we have recently introduced appointments from Monday – Thursday. If you’re a walk-in customer, you may be surprised to learn that Saturday mornings are the perfect time to get straight into the barber’s chair. Why you ask? Strangely lots of people think Saturday mornings are going to be busy, so they avoid them.

The Man Who Needs To Look His Best For A Night Out Or Special Occasion

Should you get it cut a week before? A few days before? On the day?

We think if you need to look the part for an event or night out with the lads, to look your absolute sharpest get a fresh trim on the same day (if possible). You’ll have the benefit of the advice from your barber fresh in your mind if you go home to freshen up after your cut or often Everyman can be the ideal first point of call on a night out, especially with a complimentary beer. Another added bonus is that a fresh cut always puts you in that party mood as well!

The Man Who Wants A New Style

We would always advise setting aside some extra time for a restyle. This gives you more time to have a consultation with your barber, explore ideas and make a decision. Our barbers are always happy to offer advice on what they feel would suit your look and explain why. Also they will explain what products they would recommend for your new style and give you tips on how to get your desired look at home. If you book a restyle online our system automatically sets an extended period of time for your consultation and haircut, we do accept walk-ins for restyles but would recommend booking an appointment for a restyle
Top Tip – If you know what you’re looking for bring some photos with you of styles you like, a picture speaks volumes.

The Man Who Is Going On Holiday

The holiday haircut is one of the most important of the year! Visit your barber as close as you can to your departure date. After a week or two in the Sun, it’s always a bit depressing coming home and the last thing you need are tan lines when you have your next haircut. Remember, over the summer we will stock a variety of “carry on friendly” versions of some of our products in store and online and travel packs from just £5. A mini Foiler is also a really good way to keep your trim fresh whilst away.

The Man Who Brings His Son(s)

After School is a great time to get a cut for Dads and Lads. Our stores are open until 7pm on Monday and Tuesday and until 8pm between Wednesday and Friday. Dad can enjoy a trim and a beer whilst the lads can have a soft drink and play Fifa 18 on our Playstation. Whilst the lads are in the chair, Dad can take advantage of the free wi-fi (and maybe enjoy another beer). Another thing to note (especially during the Summer), is that all Everyman Barbers have air conditioning. Whatever the weather, you will be comfortable in our stores!

We are always grateful to receive feedback from our customers, many of the improvements we have made over the years have been sparked by by customers. If there’s something that you feel would add benefit to your everyman experience, please let us know.

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