What to do with thousands of condoms? We want to hear from you.

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Two months ago we launched a sexual health condom campaign in a bid to help tackle a rise in STDs in the UK.

The thought behind our giveaway condom campaign was simple: every month we get thousands of customers through our doors and the easy access to free condoms could go a long way, on scale.

Our campaign — “Something for the weekend, sir?” — has been a success. Reactions from customers have been positive and this is reflected in our stock of condoms which has steadily gone down over the past couple of months.

Bear in mind that we’re talking about thousands of condoms distributed across our eight UK barbershops — we have stores in Birmingham, Solihull, Derby, Cheltenham, Leicester, Bristol, Nottingham, and Manchester.

Now, in the run-up to Christmas, and with thousands of condoms left — it’s perhaps time for something new — and we’re looking for places that could put lots of condoms to good use.

So, what should we do with thousands of condoms?

We’re keen to get your input. For example, do you know of any homeless charities or foundations that could distribute them to help others? What about distributing them through a university campus bar? An HIV clinic or charity?

We’re open to ideas and we want to hear from you, but we do want to make sure that they go to good use, to ultimately help people take control over their sexual health.

If you are running an event in any of our cities and think some condoms would be a positive addition — then you can also get in touch

Please send us your ideas on where our condoms can be put to good use.

Contact: steve@everymanbarbers.co.uk

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