The 8 Worst Haircuts in World Cup History

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The countdown to The FIFA World Cup is on. World Cup chat has hit our barber’s chairs and we are ready to dust off our vuvuzelas for a month long football feast, which, with being English will ultimately end in heartache and disappointment… AGAIN. That aside we cannot wait for football to start.

Over the years, we have seen some unbelievable matches, epic goals and some of the worst haircuts that have ever adorned a man’s bonce. It still shocks us that some of the best footballers in the world can have the worst haircuts in the world.

Take a look at our top 8…

8. Bobby Charlton

Arguably this is the worst, but let’s not forget… This man won the world cup for England. It would be a travesty to even contemplate giving him the title of the worst World Cup Haircut ever. If ever a man needed Nioxin though, it was Mr Charlton, the father of the combover.

7. Christian Zeige

When David Beckham struggles to pull off a haircut, the chances are that it’s going to be an absolute disaster if you try it yourself. If only someone would have explained this to Christian Ziege!

6. Roberto Baggio

Now this haircut is pretty bad from the front but it’s not until he turns his head that we see the real underlying issue. Braids and a mullet is definitely not a good look. This is a truly awful crime against hair.

5. Rudi Voller

No worst haircut list, football related or not, would be complete without Mr Voller. His grey permed hair lead him to have the nickname “Tante Kathe” in his native Germany. Translated to English it means “Aunt Kathy”.

4. Ronaldo

Ronaldo was centre stage in France 2002. He later claimed that this monstrosity of a haircut was a deliberate distraction to shift the focus away from his injured leg. Of course it was mate!

3. Rodrigo Palacio

A team of devoted scientists could study for years, but they would still never find out why Rodrigo Palacio decided this haircut was a good idea.

Best described as an "off-centre rat tail," the Argentine striker's 'do easily makes the top 3 of the worst haircuts ever seen at a World Cup, or anywhere in the public eye, for that matter.

2. Chris Waddle

Another Englishman but unlike Bobby, he didn’t win the World Cup, he missed a penalty in the semi – final against West Germany. This 24 year grudge and possibly the worst mullet in Football history has put Chris in the number 2 spot.

1. Taribo West

Was it ever a doubt… Smashing his way into the number one position with colour coordinated, kit matching green braids is Taribo West. He should have been sent off for this haircut alone

Matches will be shown in all of our stores and as ever, a complimentary beer will be available. We have exciting plans for the World Cup that are well underway at Everyman Barbers. Watch our social media feeds over the coming weeks for more details. Also if you think we have we missed one out of the list above? Let us know who would make your selection.

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