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Summer is here! For many of us that means a week or two away in the sunshine and a well-deserved break.  Looking your best on Holiday is of vital importance for today's modern man. It's also a great way to experiment with a new style and something a little more daring than you would normally have at home.  

You’ve had your holiday haircut at Everyman Barber, you’re looking fresh but there are a few things you do need to think about that before stepping on the plane...


Difference in Water Quality

Water quality can have a huge impact on your hair when abroad. Depending on your destination the water can make your hair extremely soft and unworkable or often it can make your hair very dry. With this in mind, we would highly recommend taking sea salt spray with you and a good quality conditioner... You will probably need one of them each night before hitting the bar.


Hair Products

Your hair product melting is a big problem in hotter countries and if your product melts in its container, it's near enough guaranteed to make your hair greasy. To avoid this happening keep your styling clay in a fridge. If you are without a fridge, keep it the coolest place you can find and make sure it stays out of direct sunlight. 


Thinning Hair

Shoulders, back and chest are not the only things that burn on holiday, we tend to think about these way more than we do our exposed scalp in the Sun. Treat your scalp like you would your shoulders, reapply sun lotion throughout the day. After a day on the beach wash your hair as normal but when you condition leave it in a little longer than you normally would to moisturise your scalp.


Electrical Appliances

Hairdryers, Straightners, Clippers, Razors and Beard Trimmers can all succumb to performance issues and may not even work depending on the wattage of the country you are travelling to. It's definitely worth checking beforehand the wattage of the country you are travelling to uses and whether your appliance will work. Also ask the hotel, they may have hairdryers in rooms or at reception. Finally... Don't forget your travel adaptors!


When it's all a bit too much effort...

When you’ve had a hard day hitting the bar and getting ready for a night out or you’ve woken up with the hangover from hell, these two words will save you a job… DRY SHAMPOO!


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