Five top independent Cheltenham coffee shops

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There is plenty to do in the picturesque spa town of Cheltenham, from visiting old heritage monuments to stopping off at an array of quality restaurants — the city has a lot to offer both locals and tourists beyond the famed races and the GCHQ’s donut building.

Considering the town’s relatively small population, Cheltenham packs an oversized punch. It is why we opened our barbershop in Cheltenham last year, to become a part of this vibrant heritage town and to add something decent to its high street.
What we also love about Cheltenham is the myriad fantastic coffee shops that have sprung up in recent years, which are well worth visiting for that much-needed caffeine hit.


The Coffee Dispensary

Situated in a former pharmacy building on Regent Street, The Coffee Dispensary’s interior cuts a mix of modern style and tradition, and they have a simple, coffee-focussed mission: “Based in a former pharmacy, we aim to prescribe the perfect coffee for you.”
Indeed, in this highly Instagrammable building, you can choose from a range of specialist coffees that should please the grouchiest of coffee critics. What’s more, you can choose from a selection of cakes and sandwiches ideal for a midday snack or light lunch. You can also purchase top quality coffee in store to brew at home.

Visit their website here


The Scandinavian Coffee Pod

The only way to describe The Scandinavian Coffee Pod’s premises is glass yellow trimmed cube attached to a charming older building. But inside this small modernist Scandi structure awaits seriously good speciality coffee, a range of teas, and plenty of delicious snacks that are hard to pass on even when you are full.
Open seven days a week, it’s an ideal spot at Royal Well Place to kick back and get that fix of caffeine.

Visit their website here


The Find

Situated in a beautiful period building over on Regent Street, The Find serves a range of artisan coffee and a long list of teas. What is also exciting about The Find is the wider drinks menu, including its alcoholic milkshakes the simple, but no less excellent, cocktail menu.
On a summer’s day, what could go down better than a Vanilla & Bourbon milkshake? Ok, if milkshakes aren’t your thing, then we’re pretty sure the lavender G&T should hit the spot. Failing that, The Find lists a small but strong series choice of beers and ciders and a selection of tasty breakfasts, lunches and sharing platters.

You can also book events/space at The Find, see here


Brew & Bake

On Bath Road, the team behind Brew & Bake is almost certainly busy making delicious homemade treats to go with their range of ethically sourced, artisan coffee. A testament to the care and quality you can expect at Brew & Bake, is signalled in a clear message on their website.
“Our bakes don’t come out of a packet or the freezer; we whisk our free range eggs, beat in our butter and fold in our flour.”
They also make and serve a healthy selection of breakfasts, lunches, cakes and tray bakes, seven days a week.

You can pre-order online, see here


Lucy's Cafe

While you can get a great coffee at Lucy’s cafe over on Bath Road, you’d be foolish to pass on the hearty English breakfast and the array of cakes, including health-conscious treats such as the gluten-free (and equally delicious) blackcurrant crumble, which can help to counteract to former breakfast sins.
The focus at Lucy’s Cafe is certainly on food and it’s an asset to the town.

Visit the cafe’s page here

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