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Mother’s day is an easy one, flowers, chocolates, wine etc… No problem at all, done in a few minutes by visiting Moonpig! Father’s day though can be more of a challenge. If you’re a guy it’s a struggle to think of things you want, let alone a gift for an older, wiser, probably balder you!

Fear not though people, we have come up with a list of 5 gifts to suit every type of Dad that you can buy this Father’s Day from our online shop or in store at Everyman Barbers.


Everyman Gift Vouchers – Perfect For Every Man (Clue’s In the Title)

Gift vouchers are often seen as quite impersonal and lazy. The same cannot be said though for our vouchers. When you buy a voucher you are buying an experience for your Dad. Our vouchers can be used for any of our products or services, so why not treat your Dad to an Everyman experience, a relaxing Cut Throat Shave or Serious Beard Styling is often a Father’s Day favourite.

Buy Everyman Gift Vouchers here


Nioxin Trial Kit – Perfect For The Dad That’s A Little Thin On Top

A Nioxin trial kit is a great gift to buy your Dad if he is going a little thin on top. He’ll probably take it as a bit of a joke to start with but once he tries it, you can guarantee he’ll be asking you where you bought it from so he can get the full kit.

Nioxin is suitable for all types of hair plus they offer a really good range of styling products to go alongside the treatment. It's a very easy to use but, if needed, we always offer a step by step guide on how and when to use it. 

We are that confident about Nioxin that after a 30 day period if there are no results, we offer a full refund, whether the product had been used or not.

Find out More about The Nioxin Range here


Mini Foiler – Perfect For The Father That Likes To Look After Himself

If you’re earliest (or latest memory) of your Dad is with him in front of the mirror, the mini foiler is a great gift that your Dad that he will use again and again! The mini foiler provides a smooth and close shave and features a shaving foil with oscillating blades.

It’s perfect for keeping your Dad neat and tidy in between visits to the barber and comes with a travel tin, bag, charger and cleaning brush making it ideal for the Gym or holidays.

The Wahl Mini Folier can be purchased here


YLF Wash – Perfect For The Lazy Dad

YLF stands for You Lazy F****R making it a great (and funny) gift for the Dad that likes nothing more than a nice sit down.

YLF from Triumph & Disaster is the perfect all-rounder. It can be used on your Dad’s head, shoulders, knees and toes. He can use it to wash his body, clean his hair and even lather for a shave… What a product.

Rich in Argan oil, Green tea, Vitamin E and Kawakawa extract, YLF delivers a pleasant, slightly medicinal, Sandalwood and Neroli infused hit on the nose. It is a wash for those with too little time and too much to get done. 

Shop YLF Here


Moisturiser Gif Set – Perfect For The Travelling Dad

If your Dad travels a lot for work or enjoys a holiday or 3, The Triumph & Disaster – On The Road Travel Pack is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day.

This kit combines everything he’ll need to stay fresh, cleansed and moisturised on-the-go. Utilising naturally derived ingredients engineered with science, each product will leave him feeling great and revitalised.

The kit contains 1 x Old Fashioned Shave Cream, 1 x Gameface Moisturiser, 1 x Ritual Face Cleanser, 1 x YLF Wash and is available here

In addition to these five ideas, a sixth idea is to come along to Everyman Barbers with your Dad. Relax with a beer or whiskey (age permitting) when you arrive, take him on at FIFA 18 and enjoy a bit of Father & Son time away from it all for an hour or so. We aim to make our stores a fun, relaxing place to be with plenty of barber banter, world cup chat and grooming advice for you and your Dad.

Book your Everyman appointment here

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