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Are you interested in becoming part of a proven established business concept within a fun industry? Then Everyman Barbers is the franchise for you.

We offer franchisees the opportunity to profit from our experience, industry knowledge, and business expertise. Unlike many barbershop franchises, we offer a comprehensive support package to deliver a turnkey operation that allows you to concentrate on the sole aim: to grow your business into a long term profitable venture.

Why Everyman?

We are a business that prides itself on its reputation, and we are passionate about being the best in the industry, by offering customers a fantastic service experience; rather than just great haircuts.

Take a look at the Everyman Stores, which each present a cool, relaxing, contemporary environment, an enjoyable experience, and first class customer service by a professional team of experienced Barbers. All of our barbers offer honest advice and banter in equal measure, which ensures Everyman Barbers is the the place-to-be for the style conscious modern man.

Your franchise team

Our experienced and creative Everyman Team will utilise a mixture of business acumen and industry passion to ensure your store becomes a success. Through employing their industry knowledge and a comprehensive ongoing training package, they’ll make sure you’re ready to reap the benefits from your business — both commercially and operationally.

NOEL GILRONAN | Managing Director

Noel has over 10 years experience in the Barbering industry and vast experience in Sales, Marketing Operations and Finance attained in various management roles.

JULIE GILRONAN | Retail Director

At Everyman Barbers we sell a vast range of professional male grooming products, which Julie carefully selects and trials before adding to our range, and which can account for as much as 20% of our turnover. She has built fantastic relationships with all suppliers, which ensures that we receive a first class service not just on pricing, but also with the operational supply to ensure products are there when you need them, as the products are so good they won’t stay on your shelves for too long.

JEFF RAFTREE | Franchising Director

Jeff is a qualified accountant and has spent the last 20 years working in sales, both running his own company and managing large nationwide sales teams for Blue Chip companies. His skills include recruitment, sales, training and establishing growing networks of sales teams.

STEVE McGRATH | Marketing & Social Media Manger

With a background as a fully qualified barber, Steve retrained to work in journalism and communications, and he now writes for national and international news publishers. His unique experience and skill set means that he is perfectly positioned to push forward Everyman Barbers’ brand, and to make sure that our reputation as being top of our industry is upheld.

Super Six Frequently asked questions

1. What experience will I need to take on a Everyman Barbers franchise?

No hairdressing or barbering experience is required, at Everyman we believe that passion and enthusiasm are key ingredients in steering a business from startup to success. We will train you in every aspect of the business and will spend time with you at your store to support you in all areas of the business, especially when it comes to barber recruitment.

2. Will Franchising suit me?

Weighing the benefits of owning a franchise as opposed to your own start up business should begin with a self-assessment. Are you able to follow a prescribed system? Or do you need the freedom to innovate and experiment? Do you need total independence in every aspect? Or can you follow a ready-made system 100 percent?

When you start your own business, you’re in control of every detail. With a franchise business, you sign an agreement to follow our tried and tested successful formula. We award a license to use our brand name along with our entire system that have been honed and finely tuned over many years.

Yes, you control your store in terms of the culture and values you set, and who you hire or fire, but you must follow our operating system.

3. Why Choose an Everyman Franchise?

We have opened very successful Everyman Barbershops in some of the largest cities in the UK. We don’t just send you a booklet and expect you to do it from that…we hold your hand every step of the way, and show you how to run and grow a successful, profitable business.

4. How much will I need to invest?

You can set up your own Everyman Barbers franchise for as little as £50,000, depending on the store’s location and size, with the remaining investment being obtained from high street banks with the help of the Everyman team.

5. What is the risk?

There is less risk opening a franchised business due to the experienced business support network that you gain. When you start your own business it takes time to build a client base and local reputation. When you advertise a known brand name into your new market, customers come ready-made, and the cash starts flowing faster. You will be given a complete shopping list of exactly what you need to set up shop, allowing you to open for business more quickly than if you had to research it all on your own.

More than half of new independent businesses fail within the first year. That’s why our experience in finding the correct location with the most suitable premises, and our tried and tested business model will help ensure your success. Excuse the cliche, but your success is our success.

6. What are the current franchise fees?

The current franchise fee is £20,000 + VAT. The management service fees are 10% of gross turnover.